Relaxation videos to try at home

Peace Out – is a guided relaxation and visualisation series for children.

Parents and children can use them at home and they are especially good at bedtime.

The videos begin with Jaime speaking into the mic, saying hello and getting us ready for the relaxation, before fading to a calming image as Jaime invites the children to close their eyes.




Goals for these guided relaxations for children:

– Creates a routine which children look forward to – Jaime’s intro is familiar and repeats phrases across all Peace Outs. It’s all about getting yourself comfortable and feeling calm.

– Helps the children learn how they want to approach calm – to take responsibility for their calmness. Aside from needing some quiet to listen, there are no rules about how we do relaxation, just suggestions. Jaime invites the children to close their eyes if and when they like, just explaining that it really helps as this means you can (for example) be in your own little bubble. She also offers different ways of lying/sitting so the kids can decide what they need to be comfortable enough to make the most of the relaxation.

– Asks the children to reflect on how they feel at the end – Jaime does this in all of this series of Peace, so we notice how different we feel compared to the beginning. This is important to recognise and value. What does calm feel like compared to high energy? A good learning goal!

– Create context and stories that kids love – bunnies, dragons, stars and many other situations act as the context for explorations of hope, sensation, reflection, love and kindness. This is a lovely space for kids to hang out in – and adults for that matter 🙂





Weaver Primary School, Western Avenue, Nantwich, Cheshire, CW5 7AJ