The children need to be familiar with these terms and show evidence in their independent writing to achieve end of year expectations. 


Year 4

Year 5


The difference between plural and possessive –s

The boy’s football.  The boys’ football.

Verb inflections

We was We were

I done. I did

Convert nouns or adjectives into verbs, by using suffixes

eg –ate, -ise, -ify

authorise advertise classify captivate

Verb prefixes

eg dis- de- mis- over- re-

disappear  defrost  mistake replay

Sentence structure

Expanded noun phrases

The teacher The strict teacher with crazy hair

Fronted adverbials

Later that day, Mrs Daniels explained to the class about the project.

Relative clauses. These usually begin with who, which, when, where, whose, that

Class 5, who were great scientists, counted the percentage of seeds that had germinated.

Modal verbs: eg. might, should, will

The red packet might contain the space seeds.

or adverbs to show degrees of possibility: perhaps, surely

Writing complete texts

Use of paragraphs to organise ideas.

New paragraph for a shift in time, place or theme.

Cohesion within a paragraph

(using words such as then, after that, firstly)

Link paragraphs using adverbials of time

(eg later…) place (nearby…) and number (secondly…)


Inverted commas to indicate direct speech with a comma after the reporting clause.

Mrs Daniels muttered, “Who has not sharpened their pencil into the bin?”

Apostrophes for plural possession.

Use of commas after fronted adverbials.

Brackets, dashes or commas to indicate parenthesis.

A word or phrase inserted (as an afterthought or explanation) in a sentence.

Use of commas to clarify meaning and avoid ambiguity

Let’s eat Grandma.

Let’s eat, Grandma.



a car, the car, this car, those cars, every car


I, me, you, he, my, they

Possessive pronoun:

mine, yours, his, hers, ours


explains how, where, with whom or why something happened

Noun, adjective, verb

Suffix, prefix

Modal verb

Relative pronoun

(who, which, that)

Relative clause

Parenthesis, bracket, dash

Cohesion, ambiguity

In addition to this, the full glossary published by the Dept of Educatio can be found here: Glossary



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