Home Learning 29.06.20

Home Learning Week Beginning 29th June 2020

Thank you for joining the Year 2 Zoom last week, it was so lovely to see you all.  We will be having another zoom this week so watch out for the email and text inviting you to the next one!  I can't wait.


Lots of you have been trying out the Joe Wicks or Cosmic Yoga for Kids.  Post a picture on Twitter of you trying out some of the moves!

Joe Wicks LINK

Cosmic Yoga for Kids  LINK


We will continue to follow the White Rose Maths home learning lessons.   Just click on the links for each lesson video and worksheet.  

We are going to focus on Week 8 SUMMER TERM  lessons this week.  

You need to watch the video and complete the activity sheet.  If you don't have access to a printer you can discuss the answers or write them on a piece of paper.

Lesson 1 - Properties of 2D shapes                 Video 1    Worksheet     Answers 

Lesson 2 - Properties of 3D shapes                 Video 2    Worksheet     Answers 

Lesson 3 - Sorting 2D and 3D shapes              Video 3     Worksheet    Answers 

Lesson 4 - Patterns with 2D and 3D shapes    Video 4      Worksheet    Answers 

Lesson 5 -  Challenge questions                      No Video     Worksheet   Answers

You also have TT Rockstars, Mathsletics and the CGP books.  Additional website links are under the school home learning tab.

Oak National Academy Online Classroom and Bitesize Home Learning also offer maths lessons if your child does not like the White Rose documents.



Oak National Academy Online Classroom

Bitesize Home Learning

Hamilton Trust English Website

Every week the teachers have been reviewing the English websites.  We are listening to you and we are leaving the 3 links (Hamilton Trust, Bitesize and Oak National Academy) on the home learning pages.  Please do not think you have to complete all activities from each of the sites.  Every family is working within different circumstances so we are trying to offer a range of activities to support your child and family.  Some prefer worksheets, others have requested online videos.

Hamilton Trust Week 10 resources are below in the files section or follow the Hamilton Trust link below.  

Hamilton Trust English Website

The Oak National Academy Online Classroom and Bitesize Home Learning are online and have videos, activities and quizzes.   Remember you don't have to do all of the activities as these are only suggestions and ideas.  We appreciate most of you are juggling working from home, home schooling and trying to support your families well being, therefore we don't want to overload you with work and ideas but support you to find the right activities for your child and family.


I've added two more comprehensions in the files below they are all about teachers and vets.  

When you open the comprehension files you will see they are differentiated into 1, 2 and 3 stars.  The 3 star sheets are the most challenging.  Have a look and choose your challenge.



This week is Children's Art Week. This is run by Engage - the National Association for Gallery Education, to encourage art activities and events. Click on the above link, to look at whats happening over the next few weeks.

Our school focus is on Vincent van Gogh. You will find a PowerPoint and an information sheet all about this artist in the files below, alongside a study sheet for you to fill in. You will also see Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night picture. Perhaps you could create a Night-time Cityscape picture. Please email ot tweet your pictures to me. I would love to see them. 


Online drawing Tutorial

Draw with Rob is a very popular online drawing video.  Follow the link and have a go!




Letters and Sounds Videos

DFE Letters and Sounds Phonic Videos.  These videos link to Reception and Year 1 phonics.  Have a look at the Year 1 videos as they are great for consolidation of phonics and spelling patterns.


Phonics Play

In school we use Phonics Play to support our phonic lessons.  Follow the link below and the login details to play some phonic games.

Username: march20   

Password: home


Monster Phonics Home Learning

Another phonic website is Monster Phonics.  There are weekly videos and worksheets for EYFS, Year 1 and Year 2. Have a look on all year groups to recap on your phonic learning.


And don't forget that you have access to all the usual online learning platforms such as:

Spelling Frame





Files to Download

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